Our Story

Our names are Julia and Sammy. We are a ukulele duo of awesome with dreams of being on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. We also like cats.

It all began on a dark, stormy day. We were on complete opposite sides of American University’s quad, yet something was pulling us toward each other. It was an energy, like some sort of string that tied us together. Each of us followed the metaphorical string until we ran into each other. The string…was a ukulele string.

That was the day SomethingF***ingAwesome was born. And it was the start of something beautiful.

And the rest is history…Okay, maybe not. Yet.


…We like to talk to you. Talk to us too. @smthngfingawes.


One response to “Our Story

  1. Hal ⋅

    Julia, you guys are awesome!

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